As a part of the nutrition portion of the program, PSG Academy USA has offered state-of-the-art metabolic tests at the Fort Lauderdale Campus for our athletes.

The PNOE metabolic test helps athletes to work smarter instead of harder. It assists technical staff and coaches like our culinary, sports nutrition expert Tarriss, to better understand strengths as well as aspects that need to be worked on through science for our players.

What the tests found:

  • General health fitness.
  • How fats, carbs are burned and used.
  • Respiratory health and capability: how a person breathes.
  • How metabolically fit one is.
  • If enough oxygen is reaching the brain for optimal cognition and decision making.

Three points of data examined:

  • Metabolic fitness: (how fuel sources are used in the body- macronutrient balance).
  • Lung fitness (breathing efficiency).
  • Oxygen used in the brain and body (cognitive ability and heart efficiency).

Each player received results within 24-48 hours of taking the test. From there, they were given a consultation to see what improvements can be made.

“The PNOE metabolic test provides one with the fundamentals of exercise physiology and the knowledge you need to conduct resting metabolic rate. It also offers a deep dive into analyzing data from metabolic testing and biometric screening methods to identify limitations and build nutrition and workout plans to minimize or eliminate them.”
– Tarriss Saurer, culinary, sports nutrition expert.

The tests were a resounding success, and now the players within the academy are aware of what physical areas they may fall short in. These improvements being made can help our young athletes avoid any personal obstacles in their very own bodies, that they may run into while on their paths to pro, and could also lead to boosts in performances.

More information about the PNOE Metabolic analyzer can be found in the video below: